Burning Man NYC

Decom 2018

WAS Sat Sept.29


This video was shot and edited by ZenteVisions @ Toro.Raw

Read the AfterBurn Report in the Transparency Section!

In 2018, the NYC Burner Community re-engaged its orbit around that dusty moonscape while paying homage to community makers who drive us forward.

Based in an amazing five story Manhattan venue with

16 insides/outside spaces and 9 sound-systems.

This was a last minute opportunity we uncovered to return to earlier days of NYC Decompression events. We were thrilled to have found a space that lends itself to having many theme camps, artists and performers. We will do our best to radically include more in the future.

Unfortunately, this was NOT an all ages event (21+), but we promise to throw one in the future!


A MOONSHOT is an ambitious, ground-breaking project undertaken for the good of mankind without any expectation of near-term profitability....

For DECOM 2018, all are welcome in any form of Playa style or, to play along with the theme, bring costumes or decor items that mix art & tech, sci-fi/ futurism, mad inventor or robotics.... or really, anything at all. DECOM welcomes all to express themselves as they would in Black Rock City.

The BM Org requires us to tell you that this event was put on by your New York City Burning Man Regional team. So, neither Burning Man nor Black Rock City LLC was a producer or organizer of the event. However, this WAS an official regional event.